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Sportwagen Garage

Sportwagen, your partner when purchasing  classic cars

Who are we ?

For everyone, the classic automobile is an inexhaustible source of happiness, adrenaline rushes and magical moments, which delight all of Man's senses.

​ Climbing the gears of a Ferrari launched at full power, feeling the hot oil of an MG, admiring the fabulous curve of an e-Type, recognizing among a thousand the perfect sound of the Flat6 of a 911, are unique pleasures , who build and nourish the passion for classic cars.​ Sportwagen Paris was born from this passion that we pass on and share with enthusiasm.​

Since 2016 we have rubbed shoulders with the most demanding collectors, both in France and in Europe, and have forged a relationship of trust with them.​ This relationship allows us today to assist you in your project to acquire classic cars.

​​ Sportwagen Paris regularly offers for sale vehicles from trade-ins or selected according to quality criteria that meet the needs and requirements of our customers… but also ours.

Notre Supercinq Turbo dans le HS KM/H

Notre VAZ 21011 dans AUTORETRO

Notre Audi 100 dans Avus

Notre BMW 1602 dans BAVARIA

Notre Chevrolet VEGA dans AUTORETRO

Notre Chevrolet VEGA dans NITRO

Notre BMW 325ix Touring dans BAVARIA

Notre Golf GTI 16s dans KM/H

Notre Audi coupé GT dans YOUNGTIMERS

Notre BMW 323i de 1985 dans BAVARIA

Notre BMW 318is de 1991 dans YOUNGTIMERS

Notre Opel Speedster de 2003 dans KM/H

Notre Audi coupé GT de 1982 dans AVUS

Notre Porsche 964 Jubilé de 1993 dans GERMAN CARS

Notre Porsche 964 Jubilé de 1993 dans FLAT6

Notre Porsche 964 Jubilé de 1993 dans PORSCHE 911

Notre BMW 518 de 1984 dans le guide de toutes les BMW

Notre Porsche 964 Jubilé de 1993 dans FLAT6

Notre BMW 318, 325i, 316 dans le Hors-série KM/H

Notre BMW 318is et Golf GTI 16s dans Youngtimers.

Notre AudiCoupé GT de 1982 dans Youngtimers

Notre Audi 100 Avant quattro de 1986 dans Youngtimers

Notre Alpine A610 de 1992 dans Mille Miles.

Notre VW Golf GTI 16s dans Echappement.

Notre VW Golf GTI 16s de 1988 dans Le Hors-Série Youngtimers.

Notre BMW 730i de 1988 dans Bavaria.

Notre Supercinq GT Turbo de 1989 dans R5 magazine.

In magazines

Warranty information

All our vehicles are sold with a warranty, Sportwagen Paris guarantees until 12 months after the delivery of the vehicle, breakdowns on the elements relating to the gearbox to the engine, excluding the change of parts of parts related to normal wear and tear of the vehicle.

The coverage ceiling including the costs of expertise, transport and repair of the vehicle may not exceed by damage:

  • €1,500 for a vehicle from €0 to €15,000

  • €2,000 for a vehicle from €15,001 to €30,000

  • €2,500 for a vehicle from €30,001 to €50,000

  • €5,000 for a vehicle from €50,001 to €80,000

  • €7,500 for a vehicle from €80,001 to €120,000

  • €10,000 for a vehicle over €120,000

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